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General information
       We provide solutions to customers in the following areas:
· electrotechnical equipment manufacturing;
· implementation of automation systems (dispatching control, automatic process control systems, application software, meters and electric power fiscal metering systems);
· offering services (the development of new types of electrical equipment, software design, research and development, design and simulation of power supply systems and automation of manufacturing and energy facilities, personnel training and upgrading professional skills, equipment services, maintenance of energy facilities, and asset management for energy companies);
· undertaking turnkey projects (subcontracting works, engineering and design of substations of up to 500 kV, construction of substations up to 220 kV, and power plant engineering & construction).
      We provide customers with a comprehensive range of engineering services including the supply of manufacturing and electrotechnical equipment produced by outside producers, as well as construction, assembly and commissioning works. The company assumes full responsibility for carrying out multiple-purpose projects of power supply and automation of manufacturing and power facilities. We act in the market as an engineering company with its own intellectual and production capacity. 
     We offer customers a complete range of engineering services and carries out multiple-purpose projects for power supply and facilities automation. Fulfilling the functions of a main contractor, the company is responsible for engineering solutions, project management and technical supervision over project implementation. Available manufacturing, design and intellectual resources, adequate expertise and experience enable us to provide our customers with solutions characterized by optimal reliability, price and solution quality.
     The harmonious and clear policy conducted by our companies' management coupled with professional marketing and investment support allow for the efficient use of expertise in innovations, utilization of advanced technologies, and attracting a skilled workforce and intellectual resources. All this makes it possible for the company to offer its clients complete package solutions.

The following enterprisers of the power production and housing and public utilities sectors are among our customers:
             Federal Grid Company (FGC)
             Regional grid companies (RGC)
             Generating companies:
             Wholesale Generating Company (WGC, TGC)
             Nuclear power stations (NPS)
             Housing and public utilities enterprises
The following enterprisers of the power production and housing and public utilities sectors are among our customers:
            Oil and gas industries enterprises
            Mining and metals industries enterprises
            Russian Railways (RR)
            Urban transportation
            Shipbuilding industry enterprises
Electrotechnical equipment manufacture
High-voltage equipment up to 750 kV ( transmission lines, disconnectors)
Power and measuring transformers from 0,4 kV to 110 kV
Medium voltage switchgear (6,10,20,35 kV)
Low-voltage switches
Power circuit-breakers, slow-motion starter frequency converters
Relay protection and automatic equipment, terminal jumpers
Marine electrotechnical equipment
Installation of automation systems
Dispatching control, Automatic Process Control System
Meters and electric power fiscal metering systems
Controllers, drives, instrumentation
HW-platforms, application software
Process optimization service packages
Equipment design, software design, research projects
Desigh of power supply and automation systems for manufacturing facilities
Assembly works, tenders, choice of suppliers, purchasing, logistics, and supply
Personnel training and professional skills upgrading
Maintenance, servicing, refurbishment and operation of equipment on the customer’s site
Turnkey projects
Fulfilling the functions of the general contractor and project management
Engineering and gesing of substations of up to 500 kV
Constraction of substations up to 220 kV
Retrofitting of substations up to 500 kV
Power plant engineering & construction
The company has the following core areas:
· automation systems for protection and control of energy facilities;
· dispatching control automation systems: automatic process control system, automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption, automatic energy control system;
· flexible AC transmission systems;
· automation systems for reduced-voltage start and HV motor control;
· low-voltage equipment: relay for the power industry and automation, wiring products, contacts;
· low-voltage electrical switchboards;
· marine automation systems;
· electrical equipment for special machines;
· integrated electrotechnical equipment.
The company's total product line is certified and conforms to the regulatory requirements of the Federal Industrial Supervision Service and GosAtomNadzor (the Government Nuclear Supervision Service). The company's testing laboratory and metrological service are accredited by the Federal Agency of Technical Regulation and Metrology.
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